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What can we do for you?
Its function is to help you find a suitable floor and professional raised floor solution for following rooms:
computer room
Data center
office environment
equipment room
control room
internet service provider
clean room
learning institution
defence / government application

How to choose raised access floor?
1, Application place? 
    A) Computer room
    B) Data center
    C) Office environment / Office building 
    D) Other
2) What equipment to put on the floor?
    A) Server racks
    B) Desks 
    C) Big facility 
    D) Other
3) The number of wires under the floor?
    A) Less
    B) Much
    C) A lot
    D) Other
4) The quantity
    A) Required quantity
    B) The size of room, e.g: Length and width
5) How high is the floor to be installed?
    The height from ground to installed floor surface.